Best NFL Bet for Week 3 2019

This is the third bet of the week for the 2019 NFL season. Where I choose the team I believe has the best chance to cover the spread and not only recommend people put some of their money on the line, but I will put my own money on the line.

This is easily my least confident pick and the first pick that I have more faith in the team covering the spread than winning the game, but I love betting against a quarterback that is currently completing less than 60 percent of his passes. The Oakland Raiders are +9 on the road against the Minnesota Vikings. Both teams’ records are 1-1 and have running backs that are top five in the league in rushing yards. The Vikings are last in the league in pass attempts with 42 attempts and their starting quarterback Kirk Cousins is only completing 52.4 percent of his passes. In their only win of the season, Cousins threw the ball 10 times in their 28-12 win over the Atlanta Falcons. When forced to throw the ball 32 times against the Green Bay Packers last week, Cousins only managed to complete 14 of his passes and threw two interceptions.

The Vikings’ running game and defense are big reasons they’re favored by more than a touchdown. Vikings’ running back Dalvin Cook is the leading rusher in the league and is going against the fifth best rushing defense in yards per game. The Raiders’ defense has been surprisingly good. While their defense is ranked 18th overall in the amount of points given up per game with 22 points, they held the Kansas City Chiefs who are the fourth best offense in points per game (34 points) scoreless for three quarters.

When it comes to defense, the Vikings are sixth in points given up per game (16.5 points), but are 15th in rushing yards per game despite going against the 28th (Falcons) and 19th (Packers) teams in rushing yards per game. The Raiders’ running back Josh Jacobs is fifth in the league in rushing yards, so it’s likely the Raiders could have a good enough running game to keep the game close.

Both Cousins and Raiders’ quarterback Derek Carr thrown two touchdowns and two interceptions, but Carr has completed 70.3 percent of his passes.

Like I said earlier, this is my least confident bet of the week, but I think the Raiders can pull off an upset or at least lose by less than nine points.

Author: Michael Bronson

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