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Deadpool is a very good movie that fans of rated R comic book movies Kick-Ass and Kingsman: The Secret Service should enjoy. I didn’t originally plan on going to the theater to see Deadpool. While I grew up a big X-Men fan as a kid, I thought X-Men: Days of Future Past was overrated and The Wolverine was an average at best movie. I’ve always felt Fox’s X-Men movies focused more on selling stars Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Lawrence than making the best X-Men stories possible, and what makes Deadpool so good is its commitment to making a movie that works perfectly for the character.

Deadpool isn’t a character I knew a lot of before watching the movie. I’m a fan of Rick Remender’s time writing Uncanny X-Force that feature Deadpool as part of the team. Deadpool was an annoying character whose dumb jokes and none serious attitude got on his teammates nerves in that series. While Deadpool worked in a group setting, I didn’t think I would enjoy the character in a solo movie and Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds’ tendency to show up in terrible movies like Green Lantern and R.I.P.D. only lowered my expectations. After seeing Deadpool, both the character and the actor playing him make this movie better than most action and comic book movies I watch.

Whether Deadpool is making sex jokes or killing three people with one bullet, this version of Deadpool has a Robert Downey Jr. Tony Stark quality to him. While I didn’t laught at every joke, the character’s on screen charisma made every scene featuring him better than the average superhero or comedy star. Deadpool’s fight scene continued the recent trend set by Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Daredevil of having superheroes that are suppose to be skilled fighters look like skilled fighters, and not just winning fights by throwing punches and being luck that their opponents are incapable of shooting straight. In Deadpool’s case, his ability to quickly regenerate from injuries at a possibly faster rate than Wolverine helps a lot. 

Minor Spoiler
Deadpool gets stabbed in the head and manages to grow back an arm he losses earlier in the movie.

Deadpool’s supporting cast is also one of the movie’s strong points. As someone that felt most non-Wolverine characters in previous X-Men movies were playing glorified cameos instead of interesting and useful members of the team, I was happy with the roles X-Men Warhead and Colossus played in the film. Warhead, or Negasonic Teenage Warhead as she is referred to in the movie, is a character I knew nothing about before the movie and still don’t know a lot about after it, but she was used effectively as a moody teenage sidekick. #During the final battle she doesn’t do anything to help Deadpool and Colossus until she finishes sending a text or tweet on her cellphone. Colossus, a character I actually knew about from reading Astonishing X-Men, was faithfully adapted to the movie as one of the nicest X-Men. Colossus’ mostly non-violent and respectful attitude works well with Deadpool’s joyfully killing and constant cursing. 

Minor Spoiler
Colossus stops fighting female villain Angle Dust when part of her top comes off exposing one of her breast causing Colossus to look away and allow her to put her shirt on and punch him in the nuts for his kindness.

Deadpool’s love interest Vanessa has the standard female protagonist role in most comic book movies, but the added comedy that actress Morena Baccarin to the role and a script that treats Deadpool and Vanessa’s story as a romantic comedy helped make a tired storyline interesting. Deadpool’s friends Weasel and Blind Al are mostly comic relief characters, but are usually funny in their roles.

Villain Ajax and the story’s similarity to most Super Hero origin movies is Dealpool’s biggest problem. Like the main villain in Ant-Man, Thor: The Dark World, and Iron-Man, Ajax’s motivation can be dumbed down to he does evil things because he is evil. Deadpool’s story uses the generic revenge/damsel in distress storyline, but does so in a nonlinear way. 

Minor Spoiler
The movie starts with the battle on a highway that is often shown in the commercials, that features several broken car and more broken bodies, then goes to flashbacks showing how Wade Wilson became Deadpool.

Final Score

Deadpool would definitely make my top ten superhero movies of all time and is a movie I would recommend everyone see.

Author: Michael Bronson

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