“What If” Madden 16 Was A Complete Series Reboot

In the first ever “What If”, I imagine a Madden 16 that is a complete reboot for the series. A Madden that takes any storyline involving the NFL, and makes it a gameplay mechanic. This new Madden keeps all the issues that haunts Madden players every year, and increases them. Below is the exciting and extremely different Madden NFL 16.

For years people have complained that the most successful sports franchise in video game history was the same game every year. After being voted “Worst Company In America” for the second time, EA decided to make Madden developer EA Tiburon secretly keep half of their developers off current Madden games to spend years making the best football game the world has ever seen. On August 25, 2015, Madden NFL 16 will change the way people experience sports video games forever.

New More Realistic Commissioner Mode
Feel what it is like to play God, as you step into the shoes of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. As judge, jury, and executioner, make penalties for on-field and off-field issues completely at random. A star player is caught beating his wife or children. Ban him from the league, give him a year suspension, send him on a two week unpaid vacation, or give him no games, because he’s the best player on your team and winning the Super Bowl is way more important than stopping him from abusing his wife or child on a daily basis.

New Improved Superstar Mode
EA Tiburon collaborated with BioWare to make Superstar mode a true role-playing game experience. Help or hurt team morale by tearfully defending your quarterback in a press conference or bullying a teammate. Risk getting suspended and improve your stats before a big game by cheating. Take Adderall to improve awareness by 10 points, steroids to improve speed and strength by 15 points, and deflate the ball to increase throw power and throw accuracy by 30 points.

Improved Connected Franchise
Shape the team and franchise over a 30-year period with more options than ever. Be part of the NFL’s welfare-for-billionaires program, as you force the city your team represents to raise taxes so you can buy a nicer TV in the stadium without spending a penny of your own money. Have fun messing with future NFL rookies during combine interviews. Ask them how to beat a 3-4 defense, run a west coast offense, what they will do with their money after they are drafted, or if their mom is a prostitute. Make the decision to pass instead of run one yard away from a touchdown in the Super Bowl, and have your championship losing mistake haunt you for the rest of your career from people on Twitter and NFL analyst reminding you every week. Experience rule changes every season, as the NFL tries to avoid lawsuits by making the game less physical. Watch the game change from tackle football to two-hand touch in the 2022 season.

New National Football League Players Association Mode
See what it is like to run the most pathetic union in America, as you become president of the NFLPA. Fail to change the perception that a 68 percent African-American league is full of “Thugs”. Fail to keep players from getting a smaller percentage of profits each collective bargaining agreement from owners in a league that grows in billions every year; resulting in a 2030 season, where players make minimum wage and have no health care benefits due to Obama Care being repealed. People brag that Bloodborne is a hard game. NFLPA mode is literally impossible to beat.

New Broken Camera Angles
Just like in Madden NFL 15. Madden NFL 16 features more camera angles you never asked for or ever wanted. See the game from the perspective of the fan with the worst seat in the stadium. Stare at the center’s butt before every play, in the new first person view.

Super Human Defenders
Become enraged when the opposing team’s middle linebacker jumps 20 feet in the air to intercept your pass. Be amazed by the super strength of the opposing team’s defense linemen, as they throw your offensive linemen to the ground like they were made of feathers to repeatedly sack your quarterback. Be come increasingly frustrated, from the opposing secondary’s psychic ability to know where the player is throwing the ball the moment they press the button.

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Author: Michael Bronson

One thought on ““What If” Madden 16 Was A Complete Series Reboot

  1. This would make madden more interesting to play. I would rather be more on the management side as regular games can get tiring. Hence the reason I liked the NFL Head Coach series.

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