Avengers: Age of Ultron Spoiler Free Review

The best way to describe Avengers: Age of Ultron is, if you liked the first Avengers you will like the second, but might not love it like you loved the first.

Age of Ultron starts with the Avengers attacking a Hydra base to retrieve the staff Loki used in the first Avengers movie. This is probably one of Marvel’s strongest opening sequences that rivals my favorite Marvel movie opening sequence, which is the hostage situation on a ship in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Just like the beginning of Winter Soldier, the attack on Hydra’s base immediately shows everything you like about Avengers’ movies. There is good action, funny jokes, and the chance to a group of super heroes act like a team.

Age of Ultron continues the success of the first film by showing the unique benefits that come with having a team of super heroes. They have cool two person team ups where they combine powers (most of which involves Captain America’s shield), fun interactions (each Avengers except Black Widow tries to lift Thor’s hammer), and great hero versus hero fights (Iron Man versus Hulk lives up to the clips shown in the commercials). Since Age of Ultron has several major characters, I will write my feelings on each major character with the exception of one that comes later in the movie that might be considered a spoiler.

Iron Man
Tony Stark is still as entertaining as ever. His story ark that involving Ultron is good and he has several good scenes with the other Avengers.

Captain America
Captain America was not great in the first Avengers, but he continues his strong performance from Winter Soldier in Age of Ultron. He has the good acrobatic combat from Winter Soldier and funny moments with his teammates like the first Avengers movie. There are some disagreements between him and Stark, but not as much Captain America: Civil War preview as I would have thought.

It is still fun to watch Hulk smash and storyline is mostly good, with the exception of his relationship with Black Widow.

Age of Ultron did a lot to make the throw in Avenger from the last movie a character you care about. Hawkeye’s personal life is explored and it makes him the most relatable Avenger for many viewers.

A version of Quicksilver was already seen in X-Men: Days of Future Past, but I liked this version better (I also liked Age of Ultron better than Days of Future Past which was a decent movie, but very overrated by most of the critics). This Quicksilver has a better costume than the other Quicksilver, but this version was both a threat and help to the Avengers that was a good addition to the story.

Scarlet Witch
There have been stories about Marvel not selling a lot of merchandise for there female Avenger Black Widow. While I will explain later why I can understand not wanting sell a lot of Black Widow merchandise after seeing her role in Age of Ultron, Scarlet Witch is a character I can see little girl actually wanting to be. She has a cool and different power set than any of the other Avengers, and could in theory that take on the strongest Avengers and stand a chance in the fight if she uses enough strategy. She is also an important part of the plot and has good character development.

Thankfully there are very few negatives in Age of Ultron. The story and action was good, and there was nothing I strongly disliked. Since I need to mention the negatives, below are the few issues I had with Age of Ultron.

Marvel movies have struggled with villains with Thor: The Dark World and Iron Man 2 being the worst examples.  While Ultron basically Marvel’s version of Terminator with more personality, he never came off as a major threat to the heroes that the main villain should be, and it hurts the movie some.  He is entertaining and has some good jokes, but Ultron isn’t all good as Loki was in the previous Avengers movie.

Black Widow
There is no nice way to put this, but Black Widow is a mostly useless Avenger. I thought she was good in the first Avengers movie and liked her in Winter Soldier, but her most important role on the team this movie is to calm down the Hulk when all the fighting is over. Her storyline is a Marvel version of Beauty and the Beast featuring Hulk and Black Widow. This is a relationship that comes completely out of nowhere, but I do not consider it a spoiler, because this relationship is already established when the movie starts. While I assume it was supposed add more emotion to Age of Ultron, I would have thought that there would have been some clues in the previous movies to show this relationship was possible. In the first Avengers Bruce Banner did not trust Black Widow and Hulk tried to kill her, and that sums up the relationship these characters had before Age of Ultron. Now we have Black Widow telling Banner they should take a shower together. Based on previous MCU movies Black Widow should probably be dating Captain America, if she has to have a relationship with a teammate. She made a big deal about Captain America being single in Winter Soldier, and those two becoming a couple seems like a more logical story progression.

Thor still has good moments using his hammer in Age of Ultron, but he does not have much of a storyline. He has this weird mostly pointless part in movie where he takes a magical bath and learns about issues the Avengers will face in future movies, but not enough to give the viewers or characters new or interesting developments. The rest of the movie he is just a guy swinging his magical hammer at robots. Thor’s appearance in this movie did nothing to make up for the travesty that was Thor: The Dark World or make me look forward to Thor: Ragnarok.

After Credits Scene
Age of Ultron had the worst after credits scene of all the Marvel movies. I will not spoil it, but I would have had a scene showing one of the future Avengers. Having Ant-Man, Black Panther, or Spider Man show up after the credits would of had people talking about it for days. Trust me you can skip the after credits scene and miss nothing important for future MCU movies, if you have to go to the bathroom after sitting through a two and half hour movie.


Final Score

Avengers: Age of Ultron is a good movie that I would recommend, but not the best movie Marvel has made.

Author: Michael Bronson

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