My Perfect Dark Reboot Idea

Perfect Dark was ahead of its time when it came out one the N64 and the prequel Perfect Dark Zero was a decent game when it launched with the Xbox 360.  With Microsoft owning the property and the Xbox One needing more console exclusive games, I believe a new version of Perfect Dark could become one of Microsoft’s top games and below are my ideas to reboot it.

Perfect Dark and Perfect Dark Zero took place in year 2023 and 2020. Both stories took place mostly on an earth controlled by two organizations the Carrington Institute and dataDyne. The Carrington Institute is the good organization that main character Joanna Dark works for and dataDyne is the evil organization that Joanna fights in both games. In the first game Perfect Dark there is a good alien group called Maians that supports the Carrington Institute and bad alien group called Skedar that supports dataDyne. Joanna’s backstory is she was a bounty hunter working for her father Jack Dark who is killed by people working for dataDyne that helps Joanna decide to work for the Carrington Institute. The title Perfect Dark comes from the code name given to Joanna for having high scores during her agent training.

My Story for the Reboot

Jack Dark is an agent for dataDyne whose code name is Perfect Dark due to him never falling to eliminate a target regardless how difficult the mission. DataDyne is still an evil organization and the Carrington Institute is still the good one, but Joanna will work for dataDyne. The game starts with a flashback where a high school aged Joanna is talking to her boyfriend on her cellphone. She tells him that she is sorry she cancelled their date, but this is the day her father is home and he needs to know that she is pregnant with their baby. Joanna arrives home to tell her father she is pregnant, but their conversation is interrupted when Carrington Institute agents storm their house. Jack Dark is killed in the fight and Joanna is critically injured by mistake when stray bullets from one of the Carrington institute agents hit her. Joanna ends up losing the baby and is no longer able to have children. She also loses all the money her father left her due to him being labeled as a serial killer and the victim’s families suing her for money. Jack’s connections to dataDyne are never revealed due to dataDyne bribery, but some of his low profile kills are. DataDyne offers Joanna the chance to join their organization and have the chance to become an high ranking agent like her father. They tell her she is the first woman to receive assassin training, and reveal that her boyfriend, who Joanna has not seen since the incident at her house, is a snitch for The Carrington Institute.

My Ideas for the campaign

The first real mission starts five years after the previously mentioned incident that caused Joanna to join dataDyne. Joanna is now a medium ranking agent hoping to move up in rank. Over the last two years dataDyne’s technology has improved greatly, but Joanna has to increase her ranking one more step to be allowed use any of that technology. Joanna is outside doing guard duty during an important meeting that features dataDyne’s rarely seen CEO. Using the new CamSpy, a drone with cloaking technology, Joanna spots a man on the roof carrying a weird gun. The man fires the weird gun, and a minute later dataDyne agents come running outside the building Joanna is protecting telling her the CEO is dead. The CEO was shot in the head and people are saying the shot came through the wall without putting a hole in it. The strange bullet just phased through the wall and killed the CEO. This will lead to the player’s first decision. Tell the dataDyne agent that your CamSpy record a man on the roof firing a gun that likely killed the CEO, or keep that information to your self allowing you to be the only agent who has a clue on the person that killed the CEO. If you told the truth the upcoming mission will be easier and you will immediately get upgraded weapons and gadgets. If you lied the next mission will be harder due to you not being given as good of weapons and gadgets if you told the truth, but your weapons and upgrades will be better after completing the mission than if you completed the truthful version.

This new Perfect Dark campaign will only be around 15-20 hours long during the first play through, but there will be a lot of replay value. It is impossible to do all the missions your first play through, because only certain missions are available due to the player’s decisions. Joanna is just one of several agents hoping to become the next CEO, and one of the agents is a trader that works for the Carrington Institute. There are three acts to this Perfect Dark campaign. The first act is finding out who is secretly working for The Carrington Institute, rising in rank to unlock all of the main weapons and gadget, and finding out that Joanna’s ex-boyfriend that destroyed her life five years ago is the man that killed dataDyne’s CEO. Act two explores the differences and issues between dataDyne and the Carrington Institute as they both fight for an area where alien technology is secretly kept. Joanna learns more about the many sins her father committed as Perfect Dark and will have a boss battle with her ex-boyfriend. During act two it becomes clear that the Carrington Institute has better moral values than dataDyne and that only her father was supposed to get hurt five years ago and her ex-boyfriend did not expect her to be there and meant to tell her everything on the date she canceled and use the money the Carrington Institute gave him to make a better life for them and their future baby. The player can choose to kill him and take the alien technology to dataDyne, or let him live and join the Carrington Institute. Act three will be very different based on your act two decision and will be easier if you convince enough people working for dataDyne to support you earlier in the game. If you choose to kill your ex-boyfriend and bring the technology to dataDyne, you will meet the Skedar that has been supplying dataDyne with their technology for years and can choose to hand the technology over to them, which leads to a final mission where Joanna leads an attack on the Carrington Institute, but after the fight is won the Skedar use the technology you gave them to blow up earth killing you and everyone on it (in the original Perfect Dark this was the Skedar’s plan and they did provide dataDyne with technology in return for them getting the Pelagic II, which featured a planet destroying device the Skedar were planning to test on earth). If the player takes the technology to dataDyne and refuses to hand it over to the Skedar, the final mission will be a major fight in dataDyne head quarters with Joanna and whatever members the player convinced to support her earlier in the game against the Skedar and the rest of dataDyne. It will end with Joanna becoming the new CEO and using the weapon to wipeout the Carrington Institute and take over the world. If the player chooses to join the Carrington Institute the final mission will be an attack on dataDyne where the player could choose to charge dataDyne head quarters with Carrington Institute agents or go into dataDyne head quarters alone and convince people that supported Joanna earlier in the game to change sides before the Carrington Institute attack happens. After dataDyne is destroyed the player can choose to accept the ex-boyfriend’s help to running away from the Carrington Institute resulting in an ending where Joanna is the world’s most wanted criminal and lives the rest of her life running and hiding, or go to the Carrington Institute expecting to be made a top agent only to be thrown in jail for the rest of Joanna’s life for the murders of Carrington Institute agents and many other crimes.

The campaign can also be played in two player co-op, but the player controlling Joanna is the only one allowed to make decisions that effect the game. The second player is Joanna’s version of Robin, who is a young female dataDyne agent that idolizes Joanna and goes along with her decision. While player two is not allowed to make story decisions, beating a mission or completing the game still counts towards the second player’s unlocks and achievements.

Gameplay & Multiplayer

Perfect Dark has always been a first person shooter and my version will stay one, but will keep the third person perspective switch that Perfect Dark Zero featured, where it the game changed to third person when the player rolled or went behind cover. In Perfect Dark tradition there will not be a jump button, but jumping, climbing, and running will be an animatic process by holding or pressing the left thumb stick. The multiplayer will feature three unique classes and each player can create their own unique character in each. Looks like gender, race, and outfit design is customizable. The three classes are stealth, gunner, and tactician. Each class has unique weapons and gadgets, but the choosing of a class is a multiplayer only feature, because Joanna can use every gadget and weapon in the campaign.

Stealth class is designed for players that like to take out enemies with out being seen. All Stealth class player’s have Submachine guns are equipped with silencers. Their gadget is the Friend of my Enemy Cloak. The Friend of my Enemy Cloak allows the player to look like a member of the other team and appear in as a friendly on the mini map. It can be upgraded to last a minute and the player can fire shots without the cloak going down, but it will immediately go down if a member of the other team shoots them. Stealth class’ primary weapon is the Farsight X-RAY-20 which is a sniper rifle that can see and shoot through walls. Ammo is limited to eight shots and the player can only see through walls for a maximum of 15 seconds before it recharges which takes a minute

Tactician class player’s gadget is the X-Ray & IR Scanner that allows the player to see through walls and see through other player’s Friend of my Enemy Cloak and can be upgraded to last 30 seconds. Tactician classes primary weapon is the Laptop Gun, which is a machine gun that can thrown to the ground or to the wall and turn into a turret. The Laptop Gun can be upgraded to turn invisible when set as a turret. While player’s that look closely will still notice it will be unseen on the mini map. Tactician class’ secondary weapon is the DY357 Magnum, a powerful handgun that only carries six shot before it must be reloaded.

The Gunner class’ gadget is the Combat Boost. The Combat Boost increases accuracy and increases the amount of damage the player can receive. The Gunner class’ primary weapon is the SuperDragon, which is an assault rifle with a grenade launcher, but it only has two rounds for the grenade launcher. The Gunner class’ secondary weapon is a Shotgun that can be thrown to the ground and become a proximity mine. The Gunner also has a special third weapon in the Slayer, which is a rocket launcher that firers a remote control rocket and is a one hit kill. The Slayer can only be used twice per game and it needs to be upgraded for this to be possible.

The multiplayer game modes include team death match, death match, capture the flag, team death match last man standing, special missions, and infiltration. Everything except special missions and infiltration modes are similar to the versions in every other first person shooter multiplayer. Special missions are a four-player co-op mode similar to the modes seen in Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age Inquisition. The players vote on or choose a map and enemies from a list that features dataDyne agents, Carrington Institute agents, Skedar aliens, and Maian aliens. There are ten waves and there occasional objectives like assassination and stealing information by having one player hack a computer while the other three players defend him or her. There will also be boss battles in special missions mode. Infiltration mode is a unique mode to Perfect Dark and video games in general. The goal of infiltration mode is to attack a base full of CPU controlled enemies and steal an item guarded by a boss level CPU enemy, then escaped the base with the special item. What makes this mode unique is that there are two teams of four starting the game on opposite sides of the map. Both teams have the same objective, but they are completing against each other. Meaning both teams need to kill the enemies as soon as possible to get to the boss battle that is defending the item and when they get there they could be fighting the other team along with CPU enemies. This mode will obviously need a lot of testing to make it fun and balanced, but can be an exciting new gaming mode if it works the way I imagine it.

This is my vision for a new Perfect Dark on Xbox One. In the comment section let me know what you think about my ideas and if you would like to see me try to come with ways to reboot other games.

Author: Michael Bronson

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  1. More articles like this. Also would be a good idea for you to develop a new game IP idea detailing the whole game from the story, multi player and all other features.

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